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What are the main functions of the electric nursing bed

Nursing beds are mainly used for the rehabilitation of patients or bedridden elderly during the rehabilitation period. Initially, they were used in hospitals to facilitate the care of patients by medical staff. With the advancement of human technology and people’s more demand for nursing beds, electric nursing beds have emerged. It not only reduces the workload of nursing staff, but also users can adjust themselves according to their own conditions. So what are its advantages?

First of all, the multifunctional electric nursing bed allows the user to adjust the height of the back and feet through the hand controller beside the pillow, and conveniently and flexibly carry out horizontal lifting, avoiding bedsores due to long-term bed rest, and helping to recover quickly;

In addition, the back can rise up to 80 degrees, and the feet can drop down to 90 degrees. Equipped with the function of the foot shelf falling freely, so that the soles of the feet can be placed on the shelf very easily, making people feel comfortable as if sitting on a chair in a natural posture;

And the bed is equipped with a dining shelf, which is convenient for users to sit on the bed to eat, watch TV or read and write, and for users, this function of the multifunctional automatic nursing bed is helpful for changing clothes or changing body positions. Provide convenience when reducing discomfort;

The multifunctional automatic nursing bed is also equipped with universal casters, which can function as a wheelchair and is easy to move, and is equipped with brakes and detachable guardrails. The bed board can be disassembled and assembled in an instant;

Post time: Jun-03-2019