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Douglas County has the highest hospital bed occupancy rate since the pandemic began

Omaha, Nebraska (WOWT)-Nearly every bed at the Nebraska Medical School is full. The figures show that Douglas County has the highest hospital capacity since the pandemic began.
Cory Shaw, chief operating officer of Nebraska Medicine, said: “It’s very busy – it’s taxing the statewide health care system.”
The shocking new figures portray how stressful our hospital is. Of all the medical and surgical beds in the Omaha Metro, 92% are full-this is the highest occupancy rate we have seen during the pandemic.
“Being busy in a hospital environment usually takes up around 80-85% of the occupancy rate, which means that about 85% of our beds are full. Today our occupancy rate is 96%. I may have one or two beds available at any time, “Shaw said.
Our healthcare system is aided by targeted health measures that limit elective surgery. But even with this help, the system will still be under as much pressure as possible.
“Generally speaking, about 10% to 15% of hospital beds and adult beds are COVID patients. The rest are patients who require emergency hospitalization,” Shaw said.
The hospital is already dealing with their biggest concerns, and some patients who need overnight care now have to wait.
“On average, there may be 30-40 patients per day, otherwise they will lie in hospital beds. This is not because we are now delaying these cases.”
Nebraska Medicine is now again calling for people to get vaccinated to help our medical staff. Today, of the 68 COVID-19 patients hospitalized there, more than 90% have not been vaccinated.
“You know, there is basically a Nebraska medical center that is equivalent to patients in beds across the state, and our system is not designed to be able to take care of so many patients who would not otherwise be hospitalized.”
Nebraska Medicine said that the most worrying thing at the moment is the unknowns about the approaching flu season.

Post time: Oct-27-2021