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Electric nursing bed nursing and manual nursing, which is easier to accept?

For patients with long-term bed rest or paralysis
Due to the particularity of the crowd, Skin sensitivity is different from ordinary people, And it’s particularly difficult to care for, Easily cause damage to the skin surface, Once a pressure sore or damaged infection occurs, Difficult to recover in the short term, Increased the difficulty of nursing care for the family, Especially patients with paraplegia <below the chest> <lower body paralysis> or frostbite need long-term care, This increases the intensity and difficulty of nursing care for the family.

Which kind of care can meet the patient’s care needs?
Nursing for special populations on the market is generally through manual care or through nursing beds.

The transmission mode of nursing bed is generally:
· Mechanical transmission
· Electric push rod + transmission
· Realize various postures of the human body to meet daily care needs

Electric operation can be smoothly balanced by jog and continuous movement. According to the user’s situation, the user’s needs can be adjusted in time and the operation can be interrupted in time. Operability is controllable at any time, adapting to the nursing needs of various groups of people, reducing the intensity of care
The electric nursing bed can realize the free customization of the program, and is smarter and can realize the timing automatic care.

Artificial care completely relies on the strength of the human body to achieve the user’s care needs through leverage.

Because each user’s body is fat and thin, and the physical condition is different, the care requirements are different.

In terms of manual care, daily users should turn over regularly, wipe their bodies, massage their backs, expectorate sputum, get in and out of bed, etc.
The intensity of labor nursing has strong requirements for the caregivers.
Long-term care, lifting and lifting can easily cause physical injury.
Improper operation may cause secondary injury to the patient.
Electric care and manual care each have their own advantages. Both can be compatible to achieve human-computer interaction.
To meet the needs of the current aging care.

Post time: Aug-28-2021